Account Registration

At Starline Taxis, we offer both personal and corporate/business accounts. To get one, we check your status and credit. Each application is looked at individually, and some might have a limit on how much can be spent.

Easy Registration with Starline

Monthly Billing

If you have an account, we usually run it on a monthly basis. You’ll get an invoice on the first day of the month, sent by mail or email. You’ve got 30 days to pay.

Unique Number for Every Customer

Every account gets its own customer reference number. You can also get purchase numbers from us or your office to keep things organized when you get your invoices.

Payment Methods

You can pay with cash, do a bank transfer (BACS), use a debit or credit card (with a small fee), or write us a check (but you need to set this up beforehand).

If you need an account or want any kind of information, you can contact us at any time.

Register or open an account now.