About Starline

If you need fast, friendly, and reliable taxi services throughout Stamford and Lincolnshire, call Starline today. We also offer same day courier services for private and commercial customers.

We are a Friendly, family-run taxi service your best choice for Local Taxis In Stamford and Rutland. We’re the top taxi company in Stamford, and we’re proud to offer great taxi services for everyone, whether you’re a student or a business professional. At Starline Taxis, we specialize in giving you the most affordable rides in Stamford to make your travel easy and hassle-free. Whether you’re by yourself or with a group, we’ve got your transportation covered! We make it easy with convenient airport transfers to and from major UK airports. For more than seven years, We have been in the business, bringing over 25+ Years of experience and different vehicles for different needs.

Our Mission 

At Starline Taxis Stamford, our goal is to give you the best and safest rides. We want to be the best taxi service that people trust and choose every time. We use clean, well-maintained, and new cars, and our drivers are friendly and helpful. We’re here to make your travel experience easy and enjoyable.

Our Vision

Our vision for Starline Taxis Stamford is to be the number one choice in Stamford for everyone. We want to be known for always improving, using new technology, and putting our customers first. We aim to be the cab service that people think of first when they need a ride, known for being reliable, friendly, and modern.


Our Values and Motto

Great Customer Service: Our goal is to make our customers happy and keep the promises we make to them.

Community and Environment: We want to make our communities better and care about the environment. We support clean and renewable energy to make a positive impact.

Our Responsibilities: We take responsibility for what we do. We use our experience and good judgment to make smart decisions in our business.

Respect: We treat everyone—our team members, customers, partners, and suppliers—with respect and kindness. We take personal respect very seriously, and if someone breaches it, we take serious action.

Finding Balance: We understand the importance of having a good balance between work and personal life. We’re flexible, and we help our team members achieve that balance.