Our Vehicles

Our cabs are top notch and fully equipped with modern technologies and they are regularly cleaned.

Safe and Reliable

All Safe and Sound: Our vehicles are fully insured, meeting industry standards. We keep copies of all the necessary documents in our office, and authorities can check them anytime.

Keeping it Clean and Safe: We regularly check our cars to make sure they are clean and roadworthy. If a car doesn’t pass or has some mechanical problem, we take it out of service until it’s fixed.

For the Little Ones: We have child seats for different ages that you can book ahead of your journey. They aren’t always in the cars, so let us know if you need one. You can also use your own seats, but it’s up to you to make sure they are fitted right before the trip.

Traveling with Kids: We recommend using a child seat, but the law says a child can travel without one in a taxi if needed. If you’re not sure, our drivers or office can help you figure out the right way to travel.

Choose Your Ride: We have different cars that can carry from four to eight passengers. You can pick from saloons, hatchbacks, and MPVs.